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Parts Only VR 220 4 Cylinder  
A32   3 Cylinder 17.5-22
A42 VR 260 4 Cylinder 24-47
A54 VR 330 6 Cylinder 26-68
A54 Crossflow VR 330 6 Cylinder 35-72
A62 VR 380 6 Cylinder 40-80

A-Series in the oilfield


Our A-Series line of multi-cylinder engines can accommodate a variety of applications, both common and unusual. A-Series engines are available in turbo and cross-flow configured intake and exhaust manifolds. These precision engineered and time-tested engines are as dependable as they are versatile. The RPM runs between 900 and 1,800, with HP from 17.5-109.

Power Units

These engines can also be packaged as power units with everything your needs require. They are perfect for rotational pumping units, hydraulic pumping units, hydraulic skids for PC pumps or for any form of artificial life where power is needed.

A-Series Features




12-Volt Starter X X X
12-Volt Alternator X X X
Heavy Flywheel   X  
Standard Oil Cooler X   X
Natural Gas Carburetor X X X
Electronic Governor X   X
Mechanical Governor   X  
CD-1 Ignition System X X X
Enclosure (Doors Optional) X X X
Single-Plate PTO Clutch X X X
Dry-Type, Two-Stage Air Cleaner X X X
Water-Pump-Mounted Sucker Fan X X X
Analog Tachometer with Hour Meter X X X
Oil Pressure Gauge with Low-Oil-Pressure Shutdown X X X
Water Temperature Gauge with High-Water-Temperature Shutdown X X X
Standard Oil Filter Base – Spin-On Full-Flow Filter Included X X X
Main Bearings 5 7 7
Lifting Eyes – Front & Rear X X X
Serrated, Angle-Cut, Forged-Steel Connecting Rods X X X
Heavy-Duty, Deep-Skirted Crankcases X X X
Exhaust Manifold with Top Outlet X X X
Individual Cylinder Heads X   X
Replaceable Precision Main & Rod Bearings X X X
10% Regulated Speed by Mechanical Governor   X  
Overhead Vale Cylinder Heads with Replaceable Guides & Seats X X X
Forged-Steel, Dynamically-Balanced and Counter-Weighted Crankshafts with Hardened Journals X X X
One (1) Year Limited Warranty X X X


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