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A-Series Features




12-Volt Starter X X X
12-Volt Alternator X X X
Heavy Flywheel   X  
Standard Oil Cooler X   X
Natural Gas Carburetor X X X
Electronic Governor X   X
Mechanical Governor   X  
CD-1 Ignition System X X X
Enclosure (Doors Optional) X X X
Single-Plate PTO Clutch X X X
Dry-Type, Two-Stage Air Cleaner X X X
Water-Pump-Mounted Sucker Fan X X X
Analog Tachometer with Hour Meter X X X
Oil Pressure Gauge with Low-Oil-Pressure Shutdown X X X
Water Temperature Gauge with High-Water-Temperature Shutdown X X X
Standard Oil Filter Base – Spin-On Full-Flow Filter Included X X X
Main Bearings 5 7 7
Lifting Eyes – Front & Rear X X X
Serrated, Angle-Cut, Forged-Steel Connecting Rods X X X
Heavy-Duty, Deep-Skirted Crankcases X X X
Exhaust Manifold with Top Outlet X X X
Individual Cylinder Heads X   X
Replaceable Precision Main & Rod Bearings X X X
10% Regulated Speed by Mechanical Governor   X  
Overhead Vale Cylinder Heads with Replaceable Guides & Seats X X X
Forged-Steel, Dynamically-Balanced and Counter-Weighted Crankshafts with Hardened Journals X X X
One (1) Year Limited Warranty X X X


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