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Arrow Improvements to Original Continental Engine

Improvements to the Heavy-Duty C-Series Engines since May 1977 (most all are retrofitable to earlier models using current kits):

  • EPA Certified C-46, C-66, C-96 & Certifiable C-106
  • Heavy steel fabricated sub-base
  • Full flow oil system with spin-on filter
  • A mounting pin for Arrow 990
  • Portable starter added to sub-base
  • Bronze crankshaft gears for C-46 through C-106
  • Arrow oil filler added to engine (ASP-1)
  • O-ring modified rocker shaft plugs
  • Reliable stainless steel braided oil lines
  • Ball rod ends standard on all Arrow Engine models
  • Stainless steel water filler added as standard (ASP-3A)
  • Vibration-free cross braced radiator shells
  • Common muffler made standard on C-Series engines
  • Lifting eyes added to facilitate engine handling
  • All Arrow Engines are either electric 12-volt ring gear starting or blow down air-gas starting systems
  • Added instrument panel to house starter switch, cannon receptacle, oil pressure gauge and shut down
  • Cylinder heads modified to accept Impco carburetors without using cross flange adapter
  • Improved ring gear starter mounting on new flywheel (eliminated separate ring gear carrier)
  • Added QD hub to flywheel for safety in de-mounting
  • Latest trochoidal oil pumps standard
  • Oil pressure bypass valve included in oil pump assembly
  • Optional renewable oil filter available
  • A wiring harness is used to combat weather hazards
  • Optional cover for Arrow electric starter motor available (prevents water from damaging starter motor)
  • Starfire ignition is standard (C.D.I. for long life) and operates in the rain
  • Redesigned breather system to improve crankcase ventilation and reduce emissions of crankcase vapors into the atmosphere (244BC)
  • Solderless pressure condensing radiators with steel top tanks, bottom headers and replaceable
  • Cores made standard on C-46 through C-106 - optional on C-255


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