Hot Weather Tips iconHot Weather Tips for Your Engines

When hot weather is upon us, here are a few hints to help your engines weather the heat.

  1. Drain and flush your engine cooling system. ALWAYS premix the water and antifreeze before pouring it into the system. A 50/50 mixture is sufficient. It is imperative that at least 40% water is mixed with the antifreeze.
  2. Remove the air cleaner from the engine. Using solvent, clean the entire assembly inside and out. Add clean new oil to the filter cup. We recommend 10 weight oil for the air cleaner.
  3. Thoroughly clean the radiator's cooling tubes. This will allow the proper cooling action of the fan.
  4. Check the fan belt for cracks or slippage. Re-tighten if loose.
  5. Drain your crankcase oil and replace with a good clean SAE 30 or higher weight oil. Do not forget to change the oil filter. Remove the valve cover and top cover breathers, and clean with solvent. This will ensure proper operation of the crankcase.



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