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Arrow announces new 2016 release
of compressor sizing program

Arrow Compression Products releases ALL NEW compressor performance software! We’re excited for our software users to begin utilizing the additional power & benefits now available.

  • Real-time warnings/flags while adjusting operating parameters, you can be certain your changes are safe in the field
  • Support of multiple operating cases, because operating conditions aren’t steady state
  • X-Head weight assemblies calculated automatically, allows quick confirmation of balance between throws when changing piston assemblies
  • Support of Side-streams (in or out)
  • Generate Performance Maps/Tables:
  • Unit Run-ability at varying pressure conditions, know the safe operating ranges and the “no-go” zones
  • Flow vs Pressure
  • Summary table of operating cases
  • Compressor Start-up review, flag issues that may arise during the critical period of unit loading

Click the download button to get started using the new performance program from Arrow today!


Arrow Compressor Sizing Program Unit Startup Review

Unit Start Up Review

Arrow Compressor Sizing Program Unit Flow Tables

Unit Flow Tables

Arrow Compressor Sizing Program Unit Flow Tables

Map of Unit Runnability

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